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Altres icones del 12 d´octubre, totes previsibles (a continuaci´o).

Hauriem d´estar pendents de l´activitat espanyolista a


 Pinten el monument a Francesc Macià

El monument a Francesc Macià a la plaça de Catalunya ha estat ultratjat en el marc de la manifestació espanyolista del 12O. L'escultura del president de la Generalitat ha aparegut amb diverses pintades amb els colors de la bandera espanyola, segons aquesta imatge que circula a les xarxes socials.

In the centre of Barcelona, pro-Spanish groups demonstrate against the will of Catalonia to be free

The presence of Spanish flags and Fascist symbols expresses the feelings of these minority groups against a country that is moving away from Spanish domination and towards freedom

October 12th is the day Spain celebrates the “Day of Spain” (Dia de la Hispanidad), a festivity introduced by Franco originally instated as “Day of the Spanish Race”*.
This day has been chosen by Fascist and Pro-Spanish groups to demonstrate in favour of Catalonia’s ongoing submittance to Spain. It is a die-hard attempt to respond to the million-and-a-half-strong Demonstration of last 11th September, the National Day of Catalonia, a demonstration that hit the headlines of the press worldwide.

Today’s demonstration has been attended by a motley crew of minority political parties and two parliamentary groups (PP and C’s), all of whom are opposed to Catalonia’s right to self-determination that they see as illegal.

Alongside these are groups of Fascist leanings (Falange Española, the party Franco was associated with) that are in favour of abolishing democracy anyway.

Some of these parties, with International counterparts, were abolished after the Second World War in Europe (Hitler’s Nsdap in Germany and Mussolini’s National Fascist Party in Italy). In Spain, though, no curb has been put to them and they continue to put around their ideas and totalitarian symbols. Nazism, hatred and xenophobia continue to have a place in “democratic” Spain. Not only can Fascist parties stand at the elections, but organizations praising Franco (such as the Fundación Francisco Franco), actually get government funding.

* In a clear racist and imperialist identification of the “Day of the Race”, it associated toretical racial links between all Spanish-speakers in the world, especially those in Spain and Central and South America, former colònies. On this date in Madrid, the Spanish army carried out a large military parade in the presence of king Juan Carlos I.